Thank you for giving step-by-step directions on belts, and postures and asphyxia!

    I’m sure if I wanted to prevent a life, the government will find a way to give me condoms. But if I asked for a way OUT, they would have no pamphlet…


    Instead, on television I hear:

A) If you are sick, it is okay to die.

B) If you are getting sicker, you will not be loved.

C) You can (should) do it yourself. Save everyone the time and effort, but remember we will doubt even THAT.



When do people know they DID wrong or chose poorly?


So with Robin, he never knew he did wrong. Is that right? What if he made it look like an accident?

WHY WAS HE WORKING ON FOUR (4) FILMS? That is a lot? Over-worked? Anxiety? Public taking him for granted.

Its not a suprise to me. I am bipolar AND I have the fatalistic disease H.A.E. It kills you by asphyxia. Did we just lose funding because people think asphyxia is not so bad? That would be THEIR choice.

What I cannot fathom is how people feel unsupported in sickness. That is a vow in marriage and I am sure Mrs. Williams was a great support-
where then is the news report coming from that illness causes suicide.

     Madness causes it. A good example and a poor example- Samson. Judas. The stigma about suicide goes to the Catholics. Suicide-slaying glory from the ancient Nazarites.

      Jesus healed the sick. Everyone on Earth has much less than perfect bodies.

     So any discouragement of a good person is a potential accessory to suicide. Ouch.
Some good people are disabled. Or have conditions.
If I was Michael J. Fox, how would I feel? All the extra stupid questions.