If you found me on an island, stranded…

I would probably not get into the tribal look. I don’t think I could handle it. And if a volleyball floated in, I would use it for something and thank God I don’t have to be around all of YOU. Hahahah

No cell phone. Sleep.
Free food. Naked swimming.
Nice weather. Sushi. Rad.

Dude, I’make the best of it and probably also have psychiatric issues from being away from others.

I’d cut down all the trees so I don’t hang myself. Then figure out a way to die with a gold cup in my hand, to trip out the FINDERS

Or look like something funny.

I like jokes. I like to make people feel a relief of reality shifting to show them what is real. If that makes sense. Not rocking the boat. Realism trigonometry. Like Escher but backwards. Quickly clarifying is a trippity trip.