I was on Facebook. I read words that were dark. A homecoming soldier with a psuedonym showed me how he cut himself. I asked about his state of being.

    He said he was ordered to kill civilians including children. I think many do not understand how many people it affects and how bad that is for, say, an Afghan familiy. I saw a video on You Tube. A soldier shot a running dog. It was no threat. Just out of habit.

    I don’t trust the army to be moral. They kill and destroy. The Army is like a dark angel flip switch. Secretly I wanted to learn this man’s address… gain his trust and… no. Well spirits request things. Good or evil to me. One said kill him. Lets go.

    I say consciously, “no”. Let him die one day. Maybe he lied. I tried to tell him cling to the human sacrifice of christ for COVERAGE. And “stop cutting”. He keeps on, using dextromethorphon in high ass doses, occult games… What-EVER!!

    TO clean my head I called FBI. The officer actually spoke with me 15 minutes. I asked, “Definitively, what IS Facebook to the FBI? I could furnish you with info. (Ive never been one to keep an evil secret. Ill sell people’s ass downstream for infanticide. Bloody hell!!! Our own troops killing children. That is worse than rape, molestation… dehumanizing.


“Facebook has no FACE value.”


A rip an a burn… rippana burn.

Facebook is a pathetic dump site for our half dreams and half ass confessions.