So a good life would be happy to find a soundtrack. Movies have them. Movies are edited view points of birds and ghosts, of angels and of rocks. If you think about it. And music plays. Forget sound effects. Comic book stuff!

    No, a real story has anti-music- I just named it that. What? The “ee oo ee oo” of a cello in a creepy scene denotes the emotion of a nauseous fear. No such sound in real life. Our gut feelings are much too tedious and obscure to be left uninterpreted. Probably why I end up talking in “cartoon voices”. Why, that’s a type of song.

     But what of singing? If you are terribly depressed, it is painful to sing a happy song! The body has a harmonic to it. A B C D E F G… and every sharp/ flat in between. Emotions are inherently transferable and a message from the body harmonic absorbed is true! Even if it is ugly it is true.

     True things are selfless and healing. If voice is not your “forte”, then try painting, gardening,something useful but not inherently for sale (even though inspired inventions such as a marquis-cut shaped christmas bulb was invented by someone who severely loved Christmas and expressed their inner song by producing a string of electric tragicly sharp and colored bulbs to say “may people of every color rejoice for a king was born into a bittersweet life to rouse us.”)

    Well, that’s what I think of those bulbs anyway. And more about what I think (yes its my turn, I’m the writer. You can stop reading if you wish, but I’m almost done), I think that people should know there is more than what meets the eye to this seemingly indefinite world. There are certainties, even if life’s meaning is not within your grap.

      Music is not about meaning. Its about times and seasons. 1 is the number of wholeness and certainty. 2 is coupling of one to another. 3 is a number of of stability. 4 is a number of grid and of the directions of the world. 7 is the number of perfection and completion. 7 days in a week. 10 is divisible by 1, 2 and 5. 5 is the number of toes on a foot.

      6 is the number of failure to reach seven. 6 is the number of the sum of secondary and primary colors. 0 is the number of that which is not. 0 cannot be counted.
7 is the number of major key notes C D E F G A B and to C again, making a clone tone higher or lower and there is a middle C and from it runs notes up and down past human hearing as colors reach extremes of luminousity low and high beyond seeing as ALL the senses have a range of vibration which is measurable from sensable to muted to intolerable.

      So 12 is the number of all whole notes. 12 is the number of months. Multiply 12 by 2 (once for dayish and once for nightish) and you get the number of apostles times two. Multiply the number of the tribes of Israel by two and you get 24, the number of hours in a day. Take 24 and you have the number of elders bowing down as if to say, “Stop the clock… acknowledge God… stop work… stop EVERYTHING… “Adonai”.

      Six three score six is the triplicate inference of the number of man. 6. Anything said three times is not only emphatic, it is a statement to say a thing absolutely.
No,no,no! Yes, yes, yes! The blue one! The blue one, The blue one! It is certainty. Peter denied Christ 3 times. Jesus was dead for 3 days. 666 means man has fallen short, short, SHORT. But the lamb is Jesus. He has the 7 horns. And he died once. So 7 is 1 perfected.

     Alpha and Omega. A to Z. Middle C all the way to the connecting point to the next C.
Music can only be played so high or so low before it is out of OUR world. So a guarantee life here will only be so good and so bad. Certainly their is incomprehensible range available to reach a new song from a new feeling of refreshing.

     I like music. If you find it a bit religious to define numbers by a Biblical measure, I’d challenge you to find a “holy book” other than the Bible that mentions 7 and 12 so much, as well as song.  Peace to all you hippies with guitars out there. Keep writing songs. Guitars are fretted correctly. You can’t really go wrong.