If you were to just reach the end of yourself and the Earth, well, you might be living in Nunavut, the largest national territory in the world. Forget Christopher Colombus discovering America, this new American Canadian gemstone came into place after hundreds of years of deliberation, and just a decade ago.

    So when you think of Eskimos going here and there, they practically now have a nation of their own that no other indigenous peoples of America, North or South can rival. They have secured a perimeter and have exactly ONE seat in Canadian congress. I think that may change as they are growing, slow like an ice pack.

  If you think its cheap or easy to live there, it isn’t. And speaking of easy, one city that is not easy to bring a plane into is Alert, the Northernmost city of Nunavut. I could think a lifetime about the places on the Earth, but its the lonesome ones I truly remember. Why would anyone choose to live in a place that is so remote from all? Doesn’t it just scare you to think jow much we would have to rely on eachother? Or perhaps all fear leaves you when you durrender yourself to trust and acceptance that if someone doesn’t come through for you, that’s it? Its an illusion. The same thing could happen lost in Ecuador. Same Sun. You have to wake and breathe. You either sing or grumble or cry or laugh. What does it matter? Bit I’d love a 6 week Nunavut stress test vacation. Just to say I once practically lived up in Heaven.