Now I know the word and I ain’t afraid of anything. People who are afraid will look at me afraid. Power coming off of me can tear me up. PTSD in check, I can hear news of injustice, punch a hole in the door.
That’s $50. I can’t hardly control it.

    Lord gave me at least 4 rare diseases:
HAE ( blood)
IgG def (Immuno)
Fibromatosis ( tumors in feet)

   I don’t care to think of it. My good luck is my wife. I couldn’t play ball. Even in grammar school. Each year, baseball then basketball 6th grade, no hits or hoops. Last day of ball I grandslammed and before I knew it I was in the air. Mike Scapple who I didnt think liked me was smiling at me below. I was lifted up.

      Basketball same thing. Its a sign. I was born and suffered. But in the end Im going to help you ALL as much as I can. I’m the weak missing link. What was taken from me…

       I found it. I found it next to a moutain of gold beyond me. Its the dreams of all you who have been played and suckered, lost a child a spouse, lost your way, having a bad day. I am not a loser, I am a free agent believer. What ever you “believest” thats between you and and that way. Like Thomas Jefferson said, “If you dig what I say, you agree with whats in me” (paraphrase) 🙂

        Search. In my spirit I think of Everest winds cold blowing. In Antarctica forever aloning. Know, like Kilroy:

   I was here!