Inside of me is a fire. I was a very scared boy. Terrified. Bullied. I was on fire with fear and it remade me. It is what some call holy fire, deutemous AKA The Holy Spirit, the Dove and the counselor. This friend when let free to take the reigns of YOUR WHOLE BEING can outdo Marines, Ninjas… gosh you can learn business, hold a baby right and KNOW THE INHERENT PURPOSES of people and transfer love to them.

        The pay is low. In the end you die. So nothing new. Escape a vacation from yourself.

         How do I explain? I’ll tell:

In 2003 my brother and I were going down Glisan St. by 89th. I saw 2 men roughing up a young woman. I yelled for my brother to hit the brake I crossed four lanes of traffic and said to the men, “Hey what’s goin’on? Ya good?” They stopped. They were just being stupid.

I worked at Evraz Steel. My supervisor hit me with the shuttle bus. My leg was really banged up. The supervisor told me not to tell. But it hurt so bad I did. That supervisor was #2 on a 20 million dollar order and his head rolled because of me. And he tested positive for meth and coke and all the spices. He was a bitter jerk. I don’t get it. I was respected. My coworkers were half excons. The first day I was suited up without an air line. Suits seal from the outside. It encases your head. I ran out of oxygen and it almost killed me. Noone was around.

     I ran and found a line. Thats the power. Life power. God saved my life by my hands and brain. I have bragging rights. He pilots me? Who AM I? What would I be without power? Without air. “Spirit” in old languages translate as “air”. People say life isn’t spiritual. Hook a cinder block to your leg and sink yourself- you’ll see how damn spiritual it is. I bet you wimps can’t hold your breath. I love air too much. I am a living person. Spiritual. I’m not afraid to die. I’m afraid to be unwise and unhappy. I won’t be dead because without air my body is a vehicle only and not me.

So what happens? Well don’t look at me! It happens once, like life. So I’m spent already. I live the rest out. After decades of fear, I think I’m having fun now since more and more people are like little babies and I’m smarter. I have been sick all 39 years of life. I feel bad for people who fear. I am the prince of fear and my command is that it be mastered. Especially by you diaper wearing teet hangers. Just kidding. Kind of. Get up. Ask God for Spirit. Soar.