You rule the world
Whever you go
If you want to
If you’d like to

Safety first
Obey the law
You are free
Use your craw
If you want to
You will need to

Perhaps you hurt today
Its like a thousand waves
Are coming your way
You need some help today
You need a better way
In your thoughts a counsel
Its saying to you
Things while you think and sink
And life is scaring you?

There used to be a day
Someone cared for you
And if its not the case
That no one ever cared
I care to think of you
Especially of you
Do you know you matter
There’s love for all and you
Children of Eve and Adam are we
And if you can’t belive that,
I’ve a gift so please receive it
I’ll belive enough for too

And even if what I believe isn’t true
Life is a zoo
Without bars
With dangers and motorcars
And guns
There’s a humanist of me
And with faith in things below
I have faith enough
Faith enough
Faith enough for three

Lose your way- someone wants to
         find you
If you forget, a wind will remind
There’s a song to be sung
And then not all will sing
You’re a son or a daughter
And not just a thing
You are sought by a world walker
Nature king
Its not me, I pledge 
All your days have been numbered
As well as you hairs and your cares

You are my favorite
Favorite sibling
Sibling for whom I’ll sing
Nothing will matter
But something will shatter
The pictures of God as King
O Father in heaven
Respectfully this I say
You are not a king by sword
But in every active way by word
Word of mouth
Our king is a tree of life in our heart
Tearing away at the body
Causing our groaning
Why would he treat us this way?
He is saving our skin
And the hurt is irrelevent
Our bodies are element
He says to get down on our knees
He will not stop waiting to please
This world is a mess and know
Its okay
Because fathers will yell
“Get out of the street”
“Tie up your shoes”
“Don’t stand for defeat”

And if God is too big
(Yes he is)
Well most will rely
(With their eyes on the prize)
On eachother