I am dsylxeic, so finding a fling of occular fancy- a syntax ‘desecration’. Drawing formidably only obscurity of the BIBLE in Pidgon-English. Imagine you are blind and only a five year old child describes everything. I finally see the holiness clearly, that the Bible is NOT holy. It is a good book. To call it perfect- you can say it contains nothing evil. The Bible says in itself in James, “Do not just read the scripture. Do what it says. I went to check a Bible school out in 1998. There was so much anger over issues of correctness in describing interpretations. What’s the point of fighting over how to deliver with exegisical precision, “God’s love”? May I introduce a manual called, K.I.S.S.- “Keep it simple, Stupid.” My mother’s uncle Phil gave me a poster of Mt. St. Helens exploding in ash. I heard he could “sleep at will” by discipline. Sounds like a Buddhist monk? Close. My great-Uncle Phil was responsible for translating a large section of Dead Sea Scroll New Testament Greek into the last century’s “NIV New International Version” of the whole “holy” Bible. Do you know what this scholor, gentlemen, and professor said about the Bible? Dr. Phillip Clapp of Milwaukie, Oregon (if you wish to google) had a lot of faith in the gelatinous texture of the spiritual words, and he said,

   “A man can figure out how he finds salvation, even if the Bible handed to you was translated by the Devil.”

    Whoa. Wham. Expert. Chosen scholar. And I have faith in his winging words on how to pick up the Book.

Pick it up.
Let it go.
Its a bird.
Holy dove.
In the word.

     Hey, if some only speak Pidgon and only read Da Jesus Book, let me say all that another way as best I can:

(Lisen up frend. If’n you talk Pidgon an read Da Jesus Book read mo. I say it up yo way. I do me blog good fo you too.)

My Blog In Pidgeon:
Yes. What he say. Ha ha ha. Okay:

    Me eyes so bad bro. Is okay dis week. Yes. Me eyes mind surf beautiful narlee wave. Yo pidgon me bros an sistas is lika rest fo me soul. To odda dey say pidgon like child. Wateva. I say child tells true.

     I wait a long pain time to live an see now Da Jesus Book like “Holy Bible” hard fo me. No odda. I see bad. Word has no good to it. Hard to see. Me mind is turn off in part. But I see good by Da Jesus Book. They say Bible is all good. Yes it all good!

     James Book say you read it den do it. I wen to see Jesus Book school fo Jesus book. Som der dey crazy an hurt der brain. Don laff I no is seem dum. Dey needa help. They smarta but understand Jesus Book is super hard. Is true. No in a day. No in a life. But Jesus here alway. Po peopl say Jesus Book writ difren and bad and dey fite an say too much. How tell God loves odda if writ it put on arow an shoot broda? Youu shoot broda? I say if you wan be smart talk slow fo dum peopo. Not fast, mon.

   My moma uncle give me posta of volcano long ago time. I was boy. He lika sage. Kung fu wisdom. He no Buddhist doh. He wish he sleep den he sleep. Wow mon. He study de old language greek and know by school what say de old people dat died. Da Jesus Book is fo Hawai’i an brotha an sista in Africa too. Uncle Fil he maka America Jesus Book wit odda wisemans.

   Oh he say good ting, mon! Doctor of smarts Fil Clap he live in Milwa’kee. He lova Jesus in da book and say book like wata baloon. You pick up an chuck no fear it. An he say ifn you be trick by devil no worry. Devil can kick Da Jesus Book. Even burn book. But Jesus book say Boss kick Devil. Devil already lose. Maybe if’n Jesus books burn still  no worry. He put paper all ova world. Many copies. An Jesus Good Spirit talks to us inside. We can think and do wat it take in life. He help you if you even if you read funny like da Andy. 🙂

  Good sho doc uncle Fil. Way to go. He was cool. He spoka dis- that lika Boss give book dat fly. Da Jesus Book says Jesus alive. Boss make peple writ. Spirit first den word on papers. I write poem bout uncle Fil. I will see im wan dey. I like him.

Dis is my poem about living book. No posible to bury and stay bury-

Take it in yo han
Relees it from yo han
Fo it is a bird
The word of God is a bird
Jesus can fly