If its too difficult to picture water turning into wine, you may be  Christian who says, “Well then- I don’t know. God did it SOMEHOW”. If you don’t like to be easily taken for a fool, and a man says to you, “Do you know its possible to turn water into wine?”, you may say, “Yeah, grape-water,” or not respond at all. If you think history has too many books and too many claims to amazing feats, well that is reasonable. In fact, it is true that many religious claims are impossible or outright disproven!

      In Christianity, an organized religious thought system that is a religion surrounding Christology, the study of Christ Jesus, many claims of Jesus’ activities are called miraculous aka impossible, improbable and a huge issue for skeptics. To retired skeptics who have awarded themselves the degree of “atheist”, the acts of the historical Jesus are deemed myth- even to the point of denying there was a “Yeshua” son of Joseph born in the actual and ancient small town mostly everyone in the world knows as Bethlehem.

      Well, you don’t have to be a “Christian” or a “Christologist” to believe in miracles! What? Yes! And take THESE THREE NAILS and POUND them into the crosshairs of your worldview:

God loves a skeptic.

In the book of Acts it is recorded that the “spirit-filled” discipled preached of a long gone Jesus as Messiah to the Berean people. They did not immediately accept this Christ but went to their scrolls of ancient Hebrew scripture to verify if these new men were connected to the old and true ways. They found, without miracles bytheway, that Jesus was IT.

Carl Sagan Respected Galilleo.

Yes. I love Carl Sagan’s shows. He preached the heroism of Galilleo, who as a matter of fact claimed a faith in Jesus until he died. Galilleo lost all credibility. He claimed the Earth moved when the Great Word says:

      “The Earth is solid in its foundation. It cannot be moved.”

    The fact is that it moves WITHIN its foundation, which is an orbital seasonal circular life. What truely did NOT move, Sagan would agree to was the minds of the old Catholic overlords who were unqualified and antiquated in old thoughts, not ready for reality like the Jews in Jesus day who did not even read diligently as the Bereans. Huh.

Carl Sagan would agree as a humanist that aliens exist.

I’m going to milk this Carl Sagan angle as I believe he would accept what I am about to say, yet with noble Berean skepticism. This is it:

   An alien is capable of turning water into wine.

    In fact, an alien is capable of entering our world without a spaceship. He could teleport his being adjacent to a human ova and become a fetus. Of course, another alien would have to tell the mother to be:

     “We come in peace. Peace to those on whom the favor of our father rests.”

      And this IS exactly the message in the Bible. You don’t have to be a Christian to believe an alien salvation and contact occured around a little more than two millinea ago. However, if you are excited that a gate was opened (an obscure concept) to an afterlife (again, an Egyptian’s dream come true) and you can see Jesus as a hero (the word comes from “Hiro” a “son of the highest god” in Egypt), take this all in and you may see the people of the world for at least 6000 years were trying to scientificly piece together, with false religion, a peace-life gate.

“I am the Way, the Truth and the Life. No one may come to the Father… except through me.”

Look up to the stars. Look at your dinner. Look at the TV. Look at your kids. Look at yourself in the mirror, stately- lumpy or plain maybe. You are an amazing prototype of being that the Bible says is a carbon copy, an image, of God himself. It takes males AND females together to complete the equation of what and who God is. Can God, creator of all, claim to be apart (alien) from his/her/its UNIVERSE.

    Back to water and wine, if you are an alien in first century Palestine and the party must roll on, and Father says through the Spirit (mysterious) make wine out of water, you DO IT. You dare not deny the king of the universe his wine (which makes Italian Merlot taste like toilet water, which if you think about it is ironicly turning the IDEA of OTHER wine into water. Huh). So Yeshua uses “the force”- heck, I don’t know. Have I lost you. He converts the water into Zion wine by rearranging electrons into other elements and then into a faux-real composite of… Zion wine. It blows the drunks away. Yummy.

    Did he do it that way. I say “yes” in all probability, since he made wine out of water and not “wine pulled out of a minature wormhole created by angels out of sight. But that would gather attention. Do you think I’m crazy? On. No. I am not. He “did this” to water in non-transparent ceramic jugs. Or wineskins. Gave the water a tickle. Or spoke to the water like he would later on the sea to calm the waves. Matter is commandable to the commander. We ARE in a matrix. Of reality. What about turning wavez into wine. No. Red Sea miracle was checked off.

    A final word- I knew a woman who was dying. She said she wasn’t afraid. She said, with stage 4 cancer, I’m going to meet Jesus. Like her long lost brother. That was my mother-in-law. This is, I promise, not a Mother’s Day plea, but please DO BELIEVE in this Jesus. A promise and a reasonability to not fear death? Why that frees you to live another kind of life. A healthy one. Admit it if you haven’t- you don’t have it all. I don’t have all the answers. I am afraid of suffocating in death. What of any record of my wrongs? I still remember them.

    But Hero does not. I spoke Protestant last rights to my mother in law. I made that up. But she was 2% conscious. “Mom,” I said. “The Apostle Paul said, ‘Do I stay or go?’. I think we are fine, so feel free Mom. Go to Jesus. Its alright.” In 5 minutes she struggled to open her eyes to my wife and I. “I promise I will take care of Rose,” I said crying. She smiled in radiance as she slipped through the gate, breathing slower, then she was released from her form and was not there. I don’t know if any of you have witnessed a person leaving without taking their body.

     It is emotional. I saw a difference. And it really hurt even though she could not hurt anymore. I felt sick, like I was beat up inside. But she didn’t feel anything in her body. She. She. Where did she go?

The Gate which leads to a pasture beyond anything anyone will ever be able to write. It is a place where books- all books- burn, and real stories free of pain begin.

Are you a skeptic? Well, I think you are cool. You think. Are you an atheist? Nah. You are probably a wayward BELIEVER! Haha. Oh my friend, I’m sorry. But I know that misery. I dropped out of Bible school and got a life! If you say you are an atheist still, to me you are a potential AGNOSTIC. Why? Because friend- I am Wildcard Alpha. I just blew open the doors for an eternal hope for humanist saints.

“Come on in boys. The waters are nice.”

-George Cloony’s character’s companion, a bad-guy-turned-saint in the movie, ‘O Brother Where Art Thou’