The gods must be crazy. There’s an idea for a whole movie about a bottle and a people with virtually no problems. Can’t tell what they are saying. There is no “Thou shalt share”. Hey, you have a nice Ferrari.
You drive it. You like it. Where’s mine? No.

   Impoverished self-denying people are invertedly materialistic. At least I think so. Obsession. Envy is all about materials. Poor and even poorer. Well, I’m poor-blessed. That’s 1200$$ stretched by s smart wife. We are in debt to debtors in debt to God, so I don’t worry. Worldview FROM God. Price? Years of poverty survival experience. Very inexpensive intendive education. I have a doctorate in conscience, one in social ethics, one in advanced healthcare counsel, one in marriage therapy and on.

      I’m a son of Jefferson. I’ve made people money. I did quality control for the Evraz Alaskan oil pipe replacement project in 2008. Beans. I was disabled and became moreso. I did hospice for my mothr in law. Christ in me. I gave him the OK. He went to town.

    In 2009, jobless, I called OSHA to come to Portland proper. I’m a walking freelance supervisor surveyor of His city. The “Upper City” mayor. He told my heart to call OSHA Multnomah county because I did witness a man unbalanced on a 20 foot aluminum step ladder on step number “don’t” and I thought, “Hell no. His blood and severed head would be tbe last of the innocence of Tom or Mack or Buddy in the blue shirt below with a 35 foot death drop behind him if the gear doesn’t get lunch first.

     So I go to 1st floor Center for Health fown from Spaghetti Factory. Purpled tiled roof. Fun plac. Check it out. Cheap family meals. Where was I? Oh- front desk I mention and msn says, “We’ve seen them no harness on the tram car. Called the sup, he doesn’t care. He forces it. Sounds like typical bitter alchy sup cussing pain get-you-killed jerk. I phone report OSHA, get word next day his authority is subvert. And heard he was mad. Good. Be mad at yourself jerk. Probably too mad to drink. Am I judging? No, ascertaining. I even did HIM a favor. Probably sober enough to play ball with his boy finally. I don’t know. I don’t care.

     God is using me. No. Not wonderfully. He’s taking advantage of me. Kicking my life out of me, putting others in it in place. I’m not lonely.

     What can you do with a bottle? Bang it on a jerk’s head if’n you want. You better not hit the bottle though. It hits back. Ooo. Multiple meaning. Know what that means? I’m getting too “too”. Time to rest.

  Be pleasant, y’all.