As I embark on a greater knowledge of South America, I find myself singing, “America, America, God shed his grace on thee también”, ha ha ha. All the glory of the Americas is crowned upon the heads of those above the Rio Grande. Colorado. Sante Fe. The Yukon country. American cowboys.

      Anybody know what an American is? A white republican family stuck in the Congo saying, “We’re the hope of the world. Learn English. Come to school. Come to Protestant church. Turn from your wayward tribal ways. Keep making those baskets for 5¢, though. We’ll ship them to the States to sell for $300 a piece, well woven cultural icons of our intention of getting East Congonese children out of terrorist slavery mining for cell phone parts. Oh, yeah. I’m a tattooed American. Children mined for parts of my phone and I will type on it freely, children.

     I won’t let it go to waste. Only I’m going to tell the tale of the non-industrialialized free Americans. The South Americans. Today in Chilé, the long coast of Chilé saw a sunset.

                       Sur Sol

Mi corazón es con los peor
En mi cabeza yo penso cosas
Cosas como liberdad
Liberdad para mis amigos
Mis amigos del mundo
Me conocen?
No me conocen
Yo de Oregón del Norte
Yo vivo alla
Pero mi espiritú es contigo!
Pequeño chico negro en el Congo
Yo trabajo contigo
Sí! En el sol
En el sol
El sol es en Oregón
Y Chilé
Y con la playas de Chilé hoy
El Sol dice, “Buenos Noches”
Y para ahora, el sol trabaja no mas!
Yo trabajo mas que el sol!
En la playa esta mas que fuerte!
Este noche
Y despues…
Yo duermo a mi casa
Mi gato camina despacio a mi

      I think many people think their home is THE home. I think that BILLIONS of little humans think they are safe at home when they sleep. Hahahaha!! Certainly! Yes! Hahahahah! And may we be safe.