“I want to make a difference.”

                           Author Unknown

      Oh I’m so tired of people who want to make a difference and screw around. If it isn’t broke… who cares? “They” do. People make up problems to fix. An example?

     Well, there’s a new problem. In the day, there was ONE kind of Cheerios. Pure cheerio was the ingredient. Okay… then they made more room for Honey Nut Cheerios. I can make my own by adding honey, but OKAY. And they aren’t so bad.

       Then what was a sure thing for the next 100 years as far as marketability is concerned, was doubted. Someone said, “This year’s sales dipped… we need a pick up… someone “make a difference”…

       And a promotion was given to the mastermind who introduced “whole grain” cheerios. Do you remember how Luke denied that Darth Vader was his Father, even though he KNEW it to be true. Yeah. I was disgusted.

        Apple cinnamon cheerios came out. Then chocolate cheerios. What’s next? Mochaccino cheerios? Do they have Strawberry Cheerios? What about fudge milkshake mint cheerios? Catsup Cheerios? BBQ Ranch Cheerios? Steak and Eggs Cheerios?

     An aisle full of options. That leads away from capitalism. Pretending we have options. The people need to be herded in. Not like in communism. We need to all be productive, but not all in a fabric factory.

        We need to export massive amounts of 2nd world staple food and make them dependant, then WHACK!! Control the damn Gyro… Euro… that thing that’s worth 150% of our greenback. Bullshit. As my grandfather watches me in this arena, I won’t let our ship slip into capi-soschism quietly in the night. We will dominate the world economy.

      First of all, we need to eat one kind of cheerios… and bacon & eggs. Boycott toys from China. Do you want your kids touching lead paint? Put your kids to work at home. Child labor only applies to the industries. We have to catch up with other countries. If your kids misbehave, punish them. Numb your mind so you don’t hear their pathetic whines that you know YOUR parents would have stared at you like hell was in their eyes- and they made you strong!

         We probably are going to fail as a nation, huh? So move to Canada. We aren’t so free. Its worse in England. Our police are too harsh. Columbias policemen die if they are overly concerned. The country is terrible. The country don’t come over for supper, it all ain’t your problem to fix except work hard, speak your peace and dull yourself. Worry fixes nothing.

          Words to dull you up:

     We may face struggles. We’ve made it this far. If you don’t feel safe and secure, you are. These days will pass. After 100 years we will be gone, but the planet will last. Rich or poor, big or small, you are a fire. You can make a difference.
Things are not up to you. Watch the future unfold. Enjoy the show.
Follow your heart but remember heaven’s ways and do right. In the end away from this turmoil when your clay breaks, go home.