First, construct a happy day button. Take a piece of paper and draw a circle. Color it. Choose a color or don’t. If you don’t, are you sure you wanna be happy? Whatever.

   Staple the button to your bedroom wall. Press it. You’ve started your happy day. Now, this is where people stop having a happy day. You have to work at it.

     Don’t worry, the work isn’t so bad. Tie a string to your wrist to remind you its not so bad. Its there to remind you not to worry either.
So you can take the bracelet off if you get to memorizing things. If you can memorize all is well, thats good.

   You can call home to tell people to press the button so THEIR day can go well too. Then you are SHARING a good day with others, and that is even better. A marker costs about 59¢ and you can borrow a stapler from someone if’n you don’t have one.

      Office Max- you can swipe a stapler and take it home. Then staple the “happy day” button to the wall. You click the switch at the bottom- you KNOW you like to like its a weapon. Bang! Bang! Heh heh. Well if you return it, its not theft. Its an arrogance of entitlement that only an aspiring author could be capable of.

    And that’s how to have a good day!