I am wondering- “What happens in my brain as I think?”

Oh my gosh.

     I am thinking, “What is the physical manifest for a thought?”

This intrigues me.

    Sometimes, as I am driving- I have to admit:

       “I do not remember the last 100 miles of road, but I remember daydreaming about being on vacation and…

Dashes- orange-yellow lines define the line in the road not to cross. I am to the right of it. Soooo gooood! And, “Hhhaaaaaaaaaaaa”. You see here, I represent SIGHTS as making sounds.

       What games does your mind play? They are all mostly there to keep you from harm. You can be driving and forget where you were. So what part of you drove? To the obsessive-compulsive soul, it may keep them off the road lest they forget they were driving.

     But the body is very good at being programmed. How about an example, hm? Remember to set your alarm to wake tomorrow. Ah, an excercise. The idea is taken in to the active mind as a memory blurb. Later through the day the mind will hiccup it, “alarm” or “set something?”. We are PLAYING with our OWN brain.

      Even though it is only ourselves, this regurgitation of information is nothing SHORT of the FASCINATING world of mentalism. I was at a medical conference in Orlando… and a mentalist who was brought in to entertain us tried to introduce a fallacy into my head. He is world renowned. I went mentally limped and did not expose him. We had a psychic conversation, which isn’t to say magical, but a bit weird and we ate cake together.

     I decided to approach him to see what his field was like. He threw out a cluster statement that was a lie and I paused. Rather than judge it, I do what Hollywood does with con men- I make a friendly novie of it. Its better to appease the gang lords sometimes.

  A thought. A single thought. Do I speak in my head to think? Does my HEART ever stop beating, jump out, take its bags and go on vacation to Italy with me lying dead? That’s crazy! So is non-stop twittering of heart and non-stop twittering of brain.

     This must be the reason we must sleep- to lube and prep attitudinal and practical mindsets.
So not only are thoughts weird- the things that show the brain is going in its gooey skull encased thingy with eyes to suck in information.
Then there’s this theory of an inner person to our outer. I would like them to meet occassionally or all the time. I want to feel my world. I really do.