I saw a movie about a very handicapped man. He wanted to have sex. Its called “Sessions”. Okay. Paying for sex is prostitution. Just because you are nice about it doesn’t change that. I found the movie very thought provoking as to “what are needs and what are frivolous encounters”. I ignored the money part.

      Someone who will bed up with the disabled when they are “able” shows they see the humanity. They see the disabled as human. They are going to do this any way. So I watched this movie.

     The movie is called “Sessions” and has Helen Hunt. If you don’t want the ending revealed, stop reading. Put it down now. I hate ruining movies for people. Okay, so I’ll mention the rest.

      Helen Hunt plays the part of surrogate. She intercepts a ma with polio. She has liberal morals. She is taking down “data” for a svholastic thesis in sexuality of the disabled. Here’s another thing- she’s married. She comes “home” to her philosophical husband.

       She’s trying to “wife up” with a man to give him an experience most of us get. I’m not saying its right. The surrogate’s husband gets naturally angry at a point when the disabled man (who feels his whole body, but can only move his neck due to polio.) The polio man writes heart felt poetry. It moves the surrogate.

      It proves we are more than monkeies. We feel. The surrogate whose limit is 6 sessions stops at 6. Her marriage survives. The man with polio finds an unpaid partner. I like that ending. People should have special experiences. There ARE ways for the disabled. They just need to flirt until they gain interest. I’m serious.