I used to be afraid of something that was a little bit illogical. I was learning to drive. I was 15. I was afraid of oncoming traffic crossing the double-yellow and hitting me head on. In such an accident the likelihood of dying is high, because the force is like hitting a tree going 70 M.P.H.

      I actually have a classification for a phobia like that. I call it a “vector of logic”. It IS possible someone can pick your car to commit suicide on. I actually know a man who is close to our family (who has lost a lot of sleep) who was driving and a man ran out and stopped. So the man got himself struck and killed. Things happen.

    So at 15, I was thinking of MORE. I thought about what MORE would I have to do to guarantee I will live. There are a lot of possibilities I watch for in traffic. When I drive I see a lot of things people do that can snowball into something dangerous. Every day. When traffic doesn’t flow, if there’s an open lane surrounded by a jam, I hate that.