I look like most people. I am a tall guy. I have all my limbs. I used to cycle and high-tail it when I was young. I lifted weights. I could bench 210 and squat 340! But those are anaerobic activities. Not very dependant on heart and lungs.

    So I look together. I am to a degree. But I am a feather. I have to be with other feathers to fly. By myself, I fall. This is true for all in a sense, but for me, I see the need to operate differently everyday.

      I have rare immunodeficiecies and blood dysfunction. I have my body but some of its lighter systems are offline and cause problems. I can’t do the work I used to. I look about the same. One thing that stands out to me as I try to get better- I have a high tolerancee for pain. I need to know that I can stand… and that I can stand this.