Top 10…

       What will you always have? If you are hit hard, what will you remrmber?

     You will always feel familiar with the feeling of calm when you are in stasis, even if you cannot see or hear and forget the names of everyone you know. Your body will remember to trust if you lose your mind.

     You will most likely remember the city of your birth, always.

      You will remember the names of your parents. They are on your hard drive.

      You will remember survival skills. You will know how to be receptive to help.

       You will remember what you want to do. Your ability to adapt will stay with you as long as you live.

   (These five are based on an M.I.A. who was found 40+ years after he was marked as dead in Asia. Memory is very resilient on the brain’s hard drive, but a man can be virtually recorded over. Its common to have this to a degree in a lifetime. It is NOT normal to live 2 decades, forget everything and write a new life.)