I cannot totally say how wonderful my mom is. She has done so much and much of that without even realizing it! This would be “The Riddle And The Secret Of The Son”. A son conceals how he feels about his mom. With his dad it is more straight forward.
There is an illusion to a son that you need to BE someone for your mom.

     I’m guessing, but I think a mother’s heart, besides all the nice things Hallmark says, is herculean strong. What a mother can really use is to have peace through not worrying. A mother cannot help but think about her chicks as they grow up and bonk their heads and talk about motorcycles. Aiee.

    Each mother is different. I won’t mention daughters here. My mom was especially blessed to have one, two, three sons! Yay. Well what could a mom worry about? Three sons. Well, her boys are men. She doesn’t want them in danger. She wants their lives to blossom.

     We don’t want to blossom. But our LIVES do! All the things females notice such as handsomeness, charm- girl catching items. Also, a mom does NOT worry about a son with virtue. A son who does honorably makes her happy. It is a challenge for a mother when a son can’t find his place in the world.

      I made my mom happy, rather life itself did, when I met my wife and combined my life to hers. A mom is a silent prayer coach who whispers to God, “Let my son meet a great woman… (let me retire from worry!)”. Hahahah.

    It is so neat to look at my mom with all her accomplishments as a person, a woman, a wife, a mother, a friend to those in need and say, “Yes! My mom is awesome! I will tell people for the rest of my own life the good she has brought me. She taught me Jesus loves me and I still believe it. I feel my strong spirit has been fostered by my mom and its that last connection I’ve mentioned that keeps me close to her.