I learned the “history of the world”. Yeah, right! I can’t be fooled! For starters, I know my parents were aliens. Mom, sorry, I found out and I’m telling! The schools teach about Columbus coming to America. No.

       Ji’Raam of the Martian colony Ardaak discovered America in 1992. Everything we think we remember is a holodek download into about six billion people who were dropped into beds of a carefully constructed and aged planet in 1995. We were woven together in genetic spindals.

    Lying liar pants. None of that is really true. Although my father bought pipes from the remnant of a theater pipe organ and made it happen in our 4000 sq. ft. home. Growing up was alien. My father was a medical doctor and was a bit obsessed with Tahiti.

      My mom was a rose princess when she was a girl. We have the Rose parade every year. Portland, Oregon is called the city of Roses. So with majestic music to the right and royalty to the left, a kid could think his parents are alien. Maybe a little.