I could be losing you. Let’s see. Did you know 7up had an illicit ingredient back in the day that caused more deaths than Coca “cocaine” Cola? Why yes. It had lithium in it. That’s a fact. I find people like facts.

    Now on to something silly again. No. Something morose? Heck no. That’s for page 745 in a long novel that’s breaking your neck even on Kindle ©. How about a big ending? Well, this isn’t big so far. I haven’t developed any characters.

     I haven’t even established that I, the AUTHOR, have any character. Well a start anyway. If you’ve read anything I’ve previously written, you may recognize my TONE, but its not telling you any more about ME.

    BUT, to make my point about reading content and disregarding the author, I have started with eccentricity. I am NOT going to go back and edit this. This is FREEWRITE, but I’m also going to explain my position, yet not attempt to give you a full idea.

      I don’t want to. I don’t feel like it. That might have an apparent brillance to it. Go on. Bathe yourself in the pretense. I don’t want to think of ego. My doctor thinks I need it heavily fed. Yeah, I agree.

    He’s a geriatric psychologist specialist. I can tell he enjoys talking to me. I take lithium. Dx for bipolar and he does the Rx. I told HIM about the… no wait… I think HE might’ve told me about the lithium in 7up.

      That was a hiccup. Its when you write and make a mistake and correct it, not by starting over, but… by correcting it. The Apostle Paul does it in one of the First Century epistles. He says something and then states a correction.

     Can you imagine? I mean, to Catholics it is the Word of God and here there’s evidence of a man freewriting a whole epistle (which means “personal letter” basicly) and he’s not screwin’ around and the letters, some of them would equal maybe up to twenty handwritten pages, so he was kind of in a hurry.

      Well to the topic again of ignoring the author, don’t think about the fact that I take lithium and without it this would NOT be written. And don’t think its great self-revelation to tell you I have a shink, because, well, I do not. My doctor is glad I do well and this is the only way I can meet the fantastic mind my doctor is is by being diagnosed “bi-polar”, even though I know full well the mind is not so easily branded.

     So when you read a writer, you are on a lead, but I’d say let it lead your attention. Calculate immediately what you agree and disagree with. Do NOT be open, but be lightly impressionable. I hate to end with a “clunk” but I have to drop this thing. I don’t want to do mind disruption. I am not a schooled writer but I want you to know I am a very schooled person and by that virtue I open my mouth in verses and so should YOU as much as you have authority of yourself to speak knowledgably. The world is always open for a new and true churn! Later!