Eventually over the next few years, the two popes, Grey Pope and White Pope was came to their opposite balconies at noon to wave to the people, everyday. One year it was announced by both separate popes that the wall between the people in grey suits and white suits would be taken down.

      Construction began on a singular balcony to face them all. So that was constructed. And as the balcony was about to be revealed a trumpet was heard! And trumpet had never been heard before… and is was coming from far away.

            Horsemen in blue suits on both sides of the fence blew trumpets, approaching the Attican. Also with them were horsemen with crossbows. They put marshmallows on arrows and lit them. Arrows flew through the air.

      Meanwhile, the oldest pope, White Pope could see what transpired and said to the grey pope, “Put on the secret suit!”. And the white pope fell dead with an arrow in his tummy. Grey pope opened the secret pope suit box and gasped. He put on the suit.

      The curtain concealing the Attican was pulled down to reveal a grand new balcony. And there with horns on his head was A-Doo… in a BLUE suit. “Good job my fine horsemen!!” bellowed A-Doo mightily standing tall.

The horsemen with trumpets said, “But OUR pope is back THERE”. And A-Doo said, “Yeah? Well I am KING pope the Blue.” One trumpeteer said, “What the heck is that??”. A-Doo looked down and said, as an army of blues collected around, “Uh… I’m IT. What I say goes. Now everyone must wear RED!

      “RED??”, said the white suits and grey suits… and the blue suits too. “Yes,” said A-Doo. And he ran back and threw on a red blanket with a belt. So all the people, blue, white and grey made 900 new red suits and changed into them.

    The remnant of the blue army showed up. Upon finding the white, blue and grey suits being burned, the blue army cried out, “They’ve all been killed by a red army!”

     Suddenly out of the changing rooms, a bunch of people, about 40 came out running, NAKED! They screamed, “We can’t TAKE it!” and “You all are hypocrites!” and “They’re dressing in RED? Fakers!! You all are FAKE!!”

        And one red said to another, “What were they saying?” And the other said, “I don’t know, but if they aren’t dressed appropriately, does it matter?”