I was in the forest
       I saw a great tree
       600 years old?
       Seems limitless to me
       It grows in the ground
       Parts invisible to me
       There is so much I
       Cannot see.

       UP in the air
       The sky appears blue
       If you try to touch it
       Your hand will pass though
       What makes it blue??
       Something DOES
       That is true

How many things
Have answers?
Do I need to know?
Is it good practice?
To gather up facts-
To relax
And assess them?
To review and replay
To restate
To make memories
Would require some time.
Time’s hard to find,
Collect and keep track of.
Easy to lose and to save
And write down.
Sometimes completely
I get off the track
And then I look back
To a mirror of
The future
Of plans I once had
And now what I doing
I think is concluding
In some kind of way
To drop out
And stop
But not cease
To be