What precious thing could be more evasive and invisible but time? In time you can extend what has passed. Evidence that thing have passed are contained in all remainders of what is. No one disputes there is a time called “now”.

    Time is displayed to exist in happenings. Examples are death and birth, a constructed building and planning. I wrote these as “after” and “before”- in THAT order to demonstrate that history can be, in fact HAS to be, viewed in alternating order as not all people are ASSIMILATED in knowledge.

      “Eternity” is a wonder-word. As is “infinity”, “ubiquity” and “always”. These words define things as particularly undefined. That mean uncertainty. Ecclesiastes, a book of the Bible, reads: “God has set ‘eternity’ in the heart of man.” Another way to say that is, “The creator of every atom in the universe, having made the Earth & all life had made mankind blank and empty with a hunger for knowledge to no end.”

      We are made to be, and are born to learn. We strive to learn facts with reasoning and have our own view. People cannot see “quintillion millinea” into the future. We do not have a linear timeline. That is simply a way to write. Ancient Native Americans viewed time as a circle. Cyclic. Old clocks do as well with arms.

     Cyclic or linear, time will not be grasped by either word. 3D or virtual reality define space. Some say time is a fourth dimension of space. I don’t know about that. Time is not relative to the first dimension which is linear-infinite. Linear things are only useful if they relate to planar things and planar things are not useful unless they are used in spacial context.

An example of 1D is “how deep is your sink?”. An example of 2D is “What is the area of your sink?”. An example of 3D is “How much water will the sink hold before water runs on the counter?”. An example of TIME is “How long does it take to fill the sink with about six liters?”.
If you make, in the 1D dimension, the sink a foot deep, you’ll have an answer. If you make the sink one inch deep, which is stupid, the “six-liter” question becomes absurd. I think that dismisses time as a dimension of space because we do not buy wood according to the specifications:

    “2 x 4 x 10 x (5 minutes)”

    This categoricly proves time is not a physical dimension. It is a measurement only of objects morphing. Objects morph indefinity. Even a brick is made of decaying atoms and atoms that shift in relativity. In other words, things move within themselves.
Motion is a prerequisite of material being, unless an object has being at maximum 0° Kelvin or maximum high ° Kelvin. I speculate that 0° K is not possible, though it may be approached by matter “dying” IOW collapsing. I speculate there is a ceiling tempeture where all sub atomic particles are divided maximally with relative relativity.

      As for eternity, the perception of eternity is a matter of fathoming and years lived and opinionation. Because time has to do with motion ie processes, one way time could be suspended in our universe is to obliterate everything with absolute heating and cooling as measured in Kelvin. If everything is absolutely heated or cooled, everything could be recreated with no memory of the previous in theory. Previous might become relative as there may be no point of reference to a physical constant.

      Time may be chronological as only a perception yet at the same time, do to relativity, all agree on things. There are happenings. Things that do not or cannot happen are absurdities. An example of this is when we joke, ie “His face is like a pig’s”. It’s a matter of estimation and opinion.

     What I am getting at is that it is scientificly reasonable to question if there are spirits or souls that affect us. If we ARE a spirit and this is a burrito wrap to something of metalhysical value, we should either want to know or not want to know or not care. But if you want to live forever, to conjecture that you will is not at all unscientific, nor is it unspiritual to be religious.

    I really cannot go on further. You may read this and dismiss it in a second. But I theorize that none- NOT ONE of you will find this uninteresting who read this. But the depth of smarts I put into this is finite. That should make you wonder which infinite God I believe in simply because this is a teaser. And I ain’t teasin’!

  Take the “time” to care of yourself,