“Its not so hard,” said the old grey pope wearing grey pajamas. A-doo backed up. “You are the pope!” said A-Doo. “But you have no beard? Did you shave?”

          The grey pope sighed. “The beard is fake,” he said. “Actually, can I tell you something?” A-doo approached the blue eyed bubble nosed old man saying, “Of course. But you are a grey pope. And I am not baptised.”

          “Well,” said the pope, “The REAL grey pope died 20 years ago. I pretended to be both. I am actually the WHITE pope. The grey cloths were especially discouraged that year because their crops failed. The white cloths were doing well, and I could no longer be both popes. So I just became the grey.”

    “Oh”, said A-doo. “So do you have any friends? I mean, besides the people of heaven?” The grey pope looked at A-doo and said, “A-doo… would you like to be the new grey pope? I could return to the whitecloths and they will be excited. The greys won’t notice.

      A-doo asked, “May I say goodbye to my family”. “No,” said the pope, “But I will send word you are in my service and brought me back.” “They will love that!”, said A-doo. So A-Doo learned pope ways and with all the pope garb and beard, the greys couldn’t tell the difference. On noon that day, only two of 500 white clads were near the Attican. The White pope came to the little balcony, dropping a message that he wrote about A-doo being in his service. As all the white clad drew near, some of the grey clad noticed, too. And the white clad pope spoke to them for the first time in ten years:

      “Hello, my people…. ”

All the white clads were hanging on his words.