The grey pope came out to his balcony at the Attican the very next day. It was noon and the pope waved his arms with a somewhat morose face. The grey suits cheered. The white suited people watched from behind the bushes. Then for a moment the grey pope looked down before retreating into the Attican. He made eye contact with A-Doo, one of the white-suit commoners.

      “He LOOKED at me!”, said A-doo. “A pope LOOKED at ME!”. His brother, D-doo, said to him, “Yes, but he’s not OUR pope.” A-doo thought about it. “Well he’s still a PEOPLE, right? He kind of looked sad.”

       “Yeah,” said D-doo, “But he’s not OUR pope.” A-doo grinned. “Exactly my point! If he’s not OUR pope, he’s no more than ANY greysuit!” D-doo looked at the wiley A-doo and knowing his tendancy for boldness, said, “A-doo! Doo… you are on your own!”

      A-doo climbed the Attican fence later that night, but before he did, greysuits came to the fence. It was annoying. B-doo-Nut of the grey clan yelled over, “We hear your pope is not coming to see you. Would you like to join us greys?”
“No thanks,” said D-doo. “Sure?” asked B-doo-Nut”. And this went on abot 15 minutes.

       Two white suits went over and were baptised in the grey pool. They came out grey. Many clapped. Not the white suits, though. They actually then helped A-do get up to the white pope balcony at zero-dark-thirty with a rope and dark goggles for night vision. A-doo easily got up and over the railing. He discovered something immediately.

The room he entered had two balconies! Furthermore, this ONE ROOM was a bedroom with two beds. A-doo ran to the grey balcony. A voice far off said, “Ooo!
The grey POPE!” “Go to sleep!”, yelled A-doo. “A new command!”, whispered the grey suit. And he snuck away and hurried to his thatched roof home to go to sleep.

  “Its not so hard,” a voice said. Hmmmmm….