I live about six hours drive from Forks, Washington. This is the setting for the movie series “Twilight” where Edward flew holding Bella in movie One. Well, not muvh effect is needed to emeraldize the forest. It is more lush and green than they even represented.

         I did a 45 mile “hike-about” West of Hurricane ridge. In the area of Forks there is a very peculiar geographic feature most people do not know about. The forest used in Twilight is the Olympic national forest AND its a RAINFOREST. Its like an oopart. An out of place artifact, only… the Olympic Forest is an out of place PLACE. It is a sacred place.

      Hiking through I saw 700 year old trees. No 700 year old vampires, though. The things you see in that forest are eternal. It is intense. You should camp there. Bring a bunch of stakes! To hold your tent in the haunted old American breeze of antiquity!