In the 238th year of Krim in the cycle four of the dark moon, a priestess of the goddess Dawn came before the king. The sky was ever-night on the fringe city Daal- ever the night with the over glow of the Pink Snoe nebulae that now illuminated crown of Tara, hem-priestess to Queen Rule Thura. She walked to the royal gazebo constucted of the skulls of the slain.

She whispered:

“Kral King, Lord Kral”

Out of the gazebo, King Kral stepped out of the shadow. Literally. King Kral teraforms from whole form to flatwoorlden and back as he pleases. Into the open he walked, every few steps appearing flat walking flat on the ground. Suddenly in her face and flat, turned around and in front of her with his back to her, as King Kral does not show his face.

     On the back of his head is a screen, simulating his face and Kral spoke to her:

“You have a far away prophecy I sense,” said Kral, “However, what is this matter concerning?”

    The simulant face was a clown smiling congenially.

“O Lord Kral, live thee evermore! I have for you this news:

     Your enemies, the people of Hal will make peace with your glorious people, the Sardyrs. This will happen in 120 years after your rule shall be crushed.”

King Kral said:

    “I am not in check.”

Priestess Tara spoke:

    “King, one will take your rule.”

King Kral backed towards her and his simulant face was firey but calm. King Kral spoke:

   “Tara… I implore you, and you are in checkmate by myself or the queen- I SEE IT- tell me. Who takes my rule?”

And the King, feeling extreme vigilence in his hate of the people of Hal called his Mordorian messenger dragon Ur, which walked as a man but flew as a bird. The message he gave Ur he wrote on a tableture and Ur flew away.

Priestess Tara was shaken. She whispered, “If I tell you, you will have to kill me, for I am in her service.”

King Kral said:

“I know it is her, but if she reads your face when you return to her, she will kill you. Would you rather NOT tell her name to me and be killed by your mother who commands you? Or tell ME, your elder brother who has always admired you and find death in MY hands? My swift, merciful and loving hands?”

Tara spoke:
“I have seen it. She told me to ignore it. But I looked. It is the Queen who will end your rule… tonight.”

King Kral immediately and deliberately turned around and faced Tara. He stepped out of the shadow of the tree, and for a split second she saw Kral and fell dead.

As her body fell, lifeless, the Queen was ascending the stairs a stone’s throw away. Screaming madly and suddenly the Queen cried out. She vowed to never speak again after the King Father’s death on pain of her son Kral being reduced to a shadow forever. This vow made Kral able to be between worlds.

And King Kral stepped over his sister’s body and into it. And Tara was not Tara at all, but Kral. So this is why it is said that the priestess killed the Queen that night. All the children sing it. But it was Krul.

   And the message read this from Ur to the Talitraits:

“Construct a nucleon and bury it under the city of the Sardyrs. Set it to detonate in twenty-one past the century. Let them have a meager year of peace before I bring them down after I am long dead. Kral will be remembered for this leveling. Pass it secretly to your sond this deed to come. Call the festival afterward “Insidious”.