If I were were you,
Mr. Magoo,
Chetchnian in a cell
I might feel I
Am not very much liked
But I doubt you
Feel like hell

What is best, my man?
No back up plan
Victims’ families may be
Pissed that I think of you
But they feel hell inside
For what you have done
And the nation will
Hover above

Your brother is dead
Your life is worse than an obituary
I shouldn’t even be talking to you
But victims need to
Many want to release you forgiven
Some would like you dead
So my man, offend no more with
Your words
If you can’t say you are sorry
At least do not fire your mouth
Nurses helped you
You are in the middle of
A nation clash
“Saddam Hussein was here” is
Written in your spiritual cell

For Boston