I am anything but common. Due to a small tweek of my genetics, I have a comination of problems. Medical doctors, doctors in internal medicine, surgeons and nurses and constituents have become my friends. My life has been a series of novels and novellas, atlases, poems, songs and more. My thoughts are encyclopedias, magazines of my interests, postulates, and masterfully written hypotheses about the progressing and unknown condition of the “house” called “Andy”.

        The last thing my internal MD (they ‘attack’all the problems of your body- internists do)- he said,
“Take it easy. You have HAE. You are currently “at risk” for heart attack (m.i.) or stroke.” I said, “And THIS at 39?” He said, “Yes. I am going to call CSL Behring to see if ANYone else with HAE is documented as having IgG deficiency.”

       I went to a NW small-chain brew pub restaurant, McMenamin’s and had 2 pints of microbrew and a rueben sandwich. I was trying to avoid taking it all in. This was last week. All this coinciding with Boston’s terrorist bombing and the explosion in Texas, I was finding the world a bit apocalyptic. Its harder to type even. I keep hitting “d” when I mean “s” and I have to correct it evrrytime I write.

        Did it again there. Okay, so I see that, once again, I must see myself as “Andy” and not the nation of my body as I feel civil war. It is anything but “civil”. So outside of me I see political turmoil and inside too. Strangely, though it feels like a terrorizing “mock” at first, it gives me equilibrium.

     Even if not calamity, in aggregate (I love that word since watching the cult classic Office Space), I accumulate “pitiful points”, from others, not to celebrate there woe, no- but to commiserate. Therein if I can reavh them with solace I fulfill duty two,
“Love thy neighbor AS thyself” and insodoing I glow up to fulfill by unselfishness, duty one,
“Love thy God with thy all.”
So I am not remiss in my duty.
Good. Because I am a spirit soldier.
Though I die yet will I live, in dying unto eternal life.

   Tomorrow I will in all likelihood face more b.s. and issues of self, be difficult or not (vastly preferrable) with my wife.

I am Zebra Hypo C-1 Hypo gamma

Nighty nighty