Oh man! I used to live with my in-laws! But it rocked! Eventually my father-in-law said, “out”. Well, my babe stayed there. We weren’t married yet. But “Mom” and “Dad” told her, “You belong with him, go!”. I got a dinky apartment. She moved in with me. The first day was super. Why? NOYB. Hahaha

     But we hung with Mom and Dad and Monkey. Heck yeah. We had a monkey. 30 years old. Drool. You know you wish you were me.

   My mom in law passed in 2010. So what I’m telling you is eternal. My mother in law LOVED me. She was strong. She was 74 and would mow the lawn and grocery shop and clean house. Ran circles around us all. Dad would wheel around. He was an amputee. Right leg. Not left. I can only remember because I put him in a wheel chair once and put the right foot flap down. He said, “What’s THAT for? My PEETER?”.

      Oh god, Dad is quiet and cool. But when he says something, you know you could be on the verge of something as big as discovering a lost Salvador Dali painting. My father in law is terrific.

     So we did a lot between April 2006 when I married Rose and July 10th 2010, the day the chapter of us four ended. Its seriously a death to systems when one person departs. Things cease to function. I had to adjust our marriage we were all so tight. We had eachothers’ backs. That adjustment was that we had to grow closer to eachother, me and my wife.

    But those days rocked!