It is hard to look. Try. Or do not try. Are you swueemish about children’s health? Stop readin now. I want to be fair. I will talk about something else for a while and then I will hit a point that may bring peace. If it does not, my apologies.

      So something else. Let’s see. When I was in grade school, Tim turned out to be okay, but he fell 8 feet and had the wind knocked out of him. They had to call the fire department. He had “the wind” knocked out of him and was unconscious. He was okay. I’ll probably look him up on Facebook© after this.

       So my hard point is this- that children DO die. There are books on their stories. Courage in them. We adults are so much more attatched to things, agendas, survival. Death threatens projectd, adult sized dreams, relationships.

      I have to plan. I can die at 39. Me especially, but more likely, today, when a 39 year old dies it WON’T be me. However, I offer this concession (as I try so hard to remember myself) that death is either easy or very hard, but children have done it. I mean this in full reverence: do not be afraid of something a child has done. Be at least as brave as a child if you think of or are personally facing dying. If a loved one dies, reflect on this power masterful courage.

For Andreas