Hal must have had about three bottles of Tsing Tsao while Mia was looking prettier, sitting across the table. She slid the bill tray to him with a fortune cookie. Hal laughed. “Oh a fortune!!”, he said sarcasticly. “Yes,” said Mia, a 22 year old recent graduate from Lower Las Vegas Culinary School. “And then say, ‘in bed’ at the end. It makes it funny.” And Mia laughed.

      Unlike the fury of pushing the rig over the cliff five hours ago, he gingerly took apart the fortune cookie, looking at Mia, imagining how gentle he would be if… well, better not even hope for anything anymore. “It reads,” bellowed Hal:

   “If your enemies are elephants, be a mouse…”

     Mia laughed, shouting, “In bed! In bed, silly!” Hal looked at Mia with a look of shock. “Mia…”, Hal said. “I would LOVE to go to bed with you, but tell me, does your uncle still work at Coastal Contractor’s Warehouse?”. Mia stopped. “Are you calling me a mouse,” she said. “Yes. Uncle Chin works there still.” Hal said, “Mia, you are not a mouse. Unless you want to be my house mouse.”

     Mia shrugged. “Its very dangerous, but I’ll pay you and your family to help me,” Hal said. Hal put $500 on the table. Mia smiled. “You have to pretend to be my wife,” Hal said. Mia scowled. “No way, Hal,” she said. “Just kidding.” She laughed. “But you have to add more if we are going to bang pots and pans together!”
She laughed again.

      “Mia!!”, shouted her fatherfrom the kitchen. “Stay away from that white demon!!”. Lee came out the kitchen door. “Hey Scum-bag!”, laughed Lee. “When are you going to make an honest woman out of my Mia?” Hal laughed and handed a paper to Lee. “Lee,” Hal said, “I need these things from your brother. At the exchange of the list on paper, you could see the same ryu tattoo on the hand of each. The mark of the sun for the shaolin sect of the ninjitsu ryu in Blue Village.