…and that’s the bad news in East Congo tonight, but at least the two children will be sent out of the country to live a normal life.

       In unrelated news, a wind blew over the Arctic Circle. It harmed no one. Hey, who likes that fry sauce anyway? A polar bear took a dook which immediaty froze. She took her cubs back to the den. An Eskimo put on a really heavy coat to stay warm.

      In Queensland, Austraila a boy found a penny. A mother on a subway was crying and a stranger said, “There now, dear.” It was an older woman who looked just like her mum who passed of cancer. This renewed her hope that mums still live and love and maybe she should adopt one for Christmas.

        In Kazikstan a bird flew into a window. A little girl set its wing. Her father who has a heart condition went to sleep proud of her and prayed for her to grow up strong.

      In Boston in the United States of America, people are calling their families. There is more love today. Doctors are helping people. A man said to his nurse, “I lost my leg, but I will go on. I am depressed, though.” His nurse held his hand and she knows in her heart she will marry him.

     In Southern California, a surfer caught a gnarly wave. He quite enjoyed it.

     In the South Pacific, a man stranded on an island saw a ship. It passed by, though he yelled and built a massive fire. The fire is still going. The ship was a private vessel and anchored for the night 7 miles away. The castaway went to sleep, but the captain did not he turned around. He should reach the beach by morning even though a perilous storm began to brew. Most likely the castaway will be having fresh melon, grapes, salmon and Dasani water in the dark morning after two and a half years of being lost.

      The sunset over Jamaica, Istanbul, Ancorage, Mt. Everest and Denver was very nice. At least 10,000 worldwide in these cities used the word, “beautiful” for it. The words, “good”, “happy”, “hope” and “thank you” were collectively used over 10,000,000,000 times today alone in every language.

       In the Antarctic, huge fields of lifeless ice sparkled under the sun. Two penguins stared at eahother. People were playing cards. 112 people really wanted to go home to see their families.

      In a hospital, a dying man was allowed to see his dog. The dog ran away down the hall going room to room. A doctor tripped over an EKG machine on the floor and the nurse responsibl was fired. That nurse was fired. She was the nurse for the dying man. She spent the rest of the time, unpaid, with the man. The man asked for a phone and willed the woman $1.7 million. The last thing he did was laugh and say, “I’m a billionaire… the least I can do is pay you a million dollars an hour for being here now. My family is flying in and I won’t make it.”

      In Iceland today, purple flowers sprung up. They saw a hiker coming up a hill for lunch. “I hope he stops and hangs out with us.” He did sit with them. He picked a flower and returned home to his new wife just down the hill where they were building a home up above the coast. He said to her in Gaelic, giving her the flower:

     “And yet you are more fair, my new bride.”

        And THAT’S the good world news for now the sun will rise over the Americas in a bit. I am the invisible super-bird of love and I see many things as I fly fast, to and fro to gather hopeful stories to mend broken hearts. Good morning, good day and good night to you, all who inhabit the world! May God bless, keep, comfort and strengthen you. May you be exceedingly blessed and equipped for all things, children and chapions of God to share peace, patience in suffering and great hope in the everlasting and beautiful things of the heart that you may escape the deceptive dread for tomorrow that is tempting to give into! Peace to you.