Once there was a hamburger stand with a white picket fence around it. Mr. Cowle had two employees, “Stupid” and “Crazy”. They were so new, they had not filled out those tax forms yet. They had not watched the video or learned about the profit sharing program.

       One Sunday, Mr. Cowles kids came in after church while Mr. Cowle was out at the mongoose racetrack. The son, Jimmy had a mouth like a Hoover vacuum cleaner. The daughter, Jenny, looked like her mother. Her mother had a face like a horse.

      “What will it be, Jimmy?”, said stupid with his apron on backward. “Shut up, stupid!”, said Crazy. “I’ll take 8 Wing Ding burgers”, said Horseface. “Right away!”, said Stupid. So stupid deep fried 8 mopheads and handed them to Horseface in a garbage bag. “Thank you,” said Horseface.

          “And YOU President Hoover Suckface… what’ll it be for you?”, said crazy to Jimmy. “How about the Suckface Special?”, said Stupid. “Boy Howdy,” said Jimmy as Horseface began to cry. “I’ll take 8 of those!” Stupid slapped together 8 pristine delicious Whop Macs and threw them into Jimmy’s big mouth. Then Crazy came around the counter and slapped a toilet plunger in Jimmy’s face, plunging 8 times, pumping down all 8 burgers.

       Suddenly Mr. Cowle rushed in. “What’s going on??? Horseface! Jimmy!” Crazy stood behind the counter. Stupid was ON the counter in between two buns and said, “I’m on lunch!” Mr. Cowle, simmering, said, “You both are fired!” Crazy banged his head on the wall and yelled, “What! Whyyy???”. Stupid went to the back and put the safety video in the breakroom vcr-tv. Mr. Cowle marched to the back and crazy followed really close, stepping on Mr. Cowle’s heels.

      Both of you, get OUT of here! “If we go through a temp service, can we be RE-hired?”, asked Stupid. “Yeah,” said Crazy. “How about a side of fries with that Re-hire”. And he whacked Mr. Cowle in the head with a hot fry basket.

       The police took Stupid and Crazy and put them in jail. Stupid said, “I want my phone call. Hey, Crazy, what’s your number?”. Crazy knocked over the bars on top of the deputy and jumped up and down. “Hey, Stupid, I’m bar-hopping!”. Stupid said, “Hey, I can get out and get the keys to the cell now! We’re free!”